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Course Tittle: Digital Marketing TRAINING (DURATION 1 MONTH)

o High-Quality, extremely valuable Instruction
o Certified of Completion
o Insights by the Digital Marketers at WEBTECH

Course Information:

➢ Live Classes
➢ Lessons Explained in Videos
➢ Step-by-Step practical guide
➢ Graduate Community to find Jobs and Business Opportunities
At WEB TECH we believe in equal opportunity.
As a result, we created an online platform that facilitates you


▪ Module 0: Getting Started
▪ Module 1: Build Your Own Website
▪ Module 2: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
▪ Module 3: Social Media Marketing
▪ Module 4: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
▪ Module 5: Email Marketing
▪ Module 6: Web Analytics
▪ Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads
▪ Module 8: Optimization

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✓ Intermediate
✓ Undergraduate Housewives
✓ Fresher’s can also apply


✓ Students
✓ Housewives
✓ Business Persons

This Training Start From 1st October

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